10.1" Medical Tablet
A medical grade tablet bringing portable, digital monitoring and charts to the hands of hospital staff.
Skype PC Camera
Screen mounted webcam that captures the possibilities of a high quality camera in a small sleek package.
Automotive Infotainment Systems
Making vehicles stand out with the latest of technologies and the slickest of user experiences.
13.3" Laptop - Tegra 3
All Laptops look the same? Not this one.
Retail Point of Purchase
Envision the interactive future of retail using extended RFID, skeletal tracking and contactless payments. Who needs a checkout?
Skype Set Top Camera
Bring the Skype experience to your TV or monitor giving you the ability of 3D conference calls.


Technology Consultants and Product Developers

1066 Labs is a technology and product development company. We work in partnership with our clients to bring new products to market creating business advantage from class leading technology.

Our clients rely on 1066 Labs as an effective and reliable partner to deliver highly complex projects on-time and on-budget. 1066 Labs provide all critical services using in-house resources and equipment to create and execute an integrated and well-coordinated product development strategy.